This is the easiest fundraiser that you will ever do. You've earned it.

Simple Online Donation Campaigns for the Non-Technical User. 

Register your team and kick off a viral fundraising campaign within 10 minutes. You can master this simple process even if you don't know how to forward an email.


Here's How it Works:

STEP ONE - Enter basic team info: About Us, What the Money Will be Used For (new "team sports car" is frowned upon), and Team Goals

STEP TWO - Invite participants to join: Email participants to set up their personal Fundraising Pages to collect donations online


That's it. 10 minutes. What are you waiting for? 


Raise Donations through Email and Social Media with Personal Fundraising Pages.

Each participant who joins your fundraiser gets a personal Fundraising Page which contains the  content that you created (step one, above). Participants are prompted to share their Fundraising Pages via Email, Facebook, and Twitter.  

Within days, thousands of people all over the country will know about your online donation campaign!


Your donation campaign is completely automated. Leave the heavy lifting to us (we can because we do CrossFit).

Your participants receive email reminders to share their donation pages, like "Hey Johnny, don't forget to share your Fundraising Page!" and "5 tips to maximize donations!".  

Automatic fundraising is pretty cool. 


See everyone's fundraising stats in real-time.

At a glance you can see your entire team's individual fundraising statistics. You get instant insight into each individual's level of involvement, like how much money each person has raised, which participants are leading the effort, and who hasn't joined and set up their Personal Fundraising Page. 
Your fundraiser is more successful when you can see who is leading and who is lagging.

Personal donation requests work 10 TIMES BETTER.

When a friend reaches out to a friend for a donation, the response rates are 10 TIMES BETTER than when the organization makes the ask. Think about it: Grandma doesn't know Oak Lawn Soccer, but she knows her Granddaughter Sally very well.

Grandma will contribute to Sally - not Oak Lawn Soccer.


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